10 Emerging Digital Transformation Trends for Global Enterprises Report 2021

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2 min readJan 16, 2021

Arcadier Enterprise is proud to launch our free eBook, 10 Emerging Digital Transformation Trends for Global Enterprises Report 2021”.

This eBook is the culmination of extensive research, examining key statistics and an analysis of relevant case studies. We have attempted to capture some of the most prominent and emerging digitisation trends and strategies surrounding business enterprises for 2021.

Key Trends Covered

  1. Traditional Large Retailers Are Going Online
  2. B2B Marketplaces Are The Future
  3. Blockchain Will Become Core To Global Trade
  4. AR & VR Are Enhancing Retail, Trade & eCommerce Experiences
  5. Livestream Shopping Going Mainstream
  6. User Experience, Especially Mobile, Is Key
  7. Accelerated Digitisation Of The Service Industry
  8. Direct To Customers: Cutting Out The Middleman
  9. API-First eCommerce Capability Will Dominate
  10. Platform Economy To Take Centre Stage

One to Watch: Move Over 3PL, Here Comes 5PL and Supply Chain Digitisation

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