Arcadier Introduces Referral Partners and Affiliate Partners Programs

Singapore, June 2017 — As the fastest growing marketplace creator on the market, Arcadier has introduced the Arcadier Referral Partners and Affiliate Partners Programs. With these new programs, Arcadier aims to create a holistic ecosystem for its users to grow and develop their marketplace.

The Referral Program allows credible organizations to support the sale of both Arcadier’s self-service system and enterprise package. Referral Partners will get a commission for every referred customer who subscribes to Arcadier’s paid packages. All our Referral Partners will receive assistance in setting up, as well as training to help familiarize partners with Arcadier’s products.

Arcadier has also opened channels for partnerships with other market leaders. While Arcadier solves the technology barrier for users to create marketplaces easily, Affiliate Partners can help bring down other barriers. The services Affiliate Partners provide can be anything from legal advice, accounting, logistics payments, design marketing or branding, to outsourcing.

With their expertise and knowledge, Arcadier Marketplace users will be able to find solutions and services to any challenges they face in growing their online marketplace. These auxiliary service providers will work together with Arcadier to create an ecosystem for Arcadier users so they can easily access the resources and services to help them develop their marketplaces.

Arcadier is pleased to announce that it has partnered with a number of prominent service providers based around the world. The inaugural Affiliate Partners include: Deemly, Digitawise, Dragon Law, Mobile Ads, Park N Parcel, Payment 21, Raydar, RUDE Communications, SEO Agency, and Webnatics. Besides being listed on Arcadier’s Affiliate Partners page, Affiliate Partners can also reach out to Arcadier’s user base by offering exclusive deals and promotions.

Kenneth Low, COO and co-founder of Arcadier says, “We are excited to launch two major partner programs today. Through our referral partners, we can reach more customers in local markets globally. At the same time, our Affiliate Partners complete the ecosystem for our users who seek other services to support the growth of their marketplace which they have started with Arcadier. Our Affiliate Partners also benefit from tapping into Arcadier’s user base and community to not only provide their services but share who they are.”

To learn more about Arcadier Marketplaces or to speak to Arcadier’s founders, contact Clarissa Santoso at, or visit the website at

About Arcadier Pte Ltd

Arcadier is the first Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform company in Asia, and is the recognised global leader of multi-vendor marketplace technology. Based in Singapore, Arcadier offers multi-tiered marketplace solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses of varying sizes, needs, and geographical locations. By powering communities with its online marketplace technology, the dedicated team at Arcadier pushes the boundaries in online marketplaces with a grand vision to positively impact people’s lives, through one marketplace at a time.

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Arcadier Marketplace technology enables individuals and organizations to develop their marketplace easily. Learn More.

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Arcadier Marketplaces

Arcadier Marketplace technology enables individuals and organizations to develop their marketplace easily. Learn More.