Arcadier Launches New Marketplace Software Exzbit to Enable Digital Transformation of MICE Industry

Singapore, 1 November 2017 — Marketplace technology pioneer Arcadier announced that it has launched a new marketplace proposition for the MICE industry, Exzbit, at the UFI Congress in South Africa. Exzbit is a turnkey solution created by Arcadier, and enables the digital transformation of the events industry by incorporating e-commerce into exhibitions, conventions and trade shows.

The 84th Global UFI Congress, held in Johannesburg, South Africa’s Sandton Convention Centre from November 1–4, will discuss best practices, as well as current and future pressures on the exhibition industry, including the digitization and evolution of exhibition formats. Trade bodies, exhibition centres and event organisers from around the world will attend the exclusive event for members of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

Research shows that in 2009 only 1% of all trade shows were held online, but it is estimated that in 2017, 26% will be either virtual or hybrid. Face-to-face events are being enhanced by virtual elements and “hybrid events“ where there is a mixture of online and offline elements are becoming prevalent. Additionally, virtual events rank as the second most important source of information when business decision makers evaluate technologies or services to purchase, hence the need for digitization.

Exzbit allows venue providers and event organisers alike to increase sales volume. Venue providers can go beyond offering just physical space and provide complementary digital space to all their clients’ events. Event organisers, meanwhile, can incorporate Exzbit into their events and help enable exhibitors and attendees to engage like never before.

In just minutes, a dedicated e-commerce website for an event can be set up and used to share event information. Organisers can choose to receive commission from each sale on the online marketplace or set up advertisement space for additional revenue. Arcadier has also created a dedicated team to make the whole setup process hassle-free for the organisers and exhibitors.

Through the Exzbit platform, exhibitors can list themselves online and upload their inventory to start selling. This allows them more visibility and engagement with the event attendees, as attendees can immediately browse, make a purchase, pay online or via cash, and choose delivery or pick-up through the online platform.

Arcadier’s CEO Dinuke Ranasinghe, who has also been invited to speak at the conference, noted, “The impact of ‘digitization’ is one of the biggest concerns for the MICE industry. Exzbit makes it easy and affordable for Event organisers and venue operators to adopt online marketplace technology for their events, thereby providing exhibitors and attendees the ability to engage and transact online and offline, before, during and after the event. This takes the event well beyond the constraints of a physical space.

“Arcadier believes that face-to-face interaction is still important to develop business relationships, thus online marketplaces embrace digitization whilst maintaining the benefits provided through traditional event formats. They are complementary experiences.”

About Arcadier and Exzbit

Arcadier is the world’s fastest-growing marketplace creator and the recognised global leader of multi-vendor marketplace technology. Powering more than 3,000 online marketplaces in 96 countries, Arcadier offers marketplace solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses of varying sizes, needs and geographical locations. Arcadier marketplaces support many sharing economy ideas; from retail to services and rental of space.

Exzbit is a marketplace software created by Arcadier that focuses on helping the MICE industry transform itself in the digital world. Event organisers and venue operators can use Exzbit to create a dual “Online and Offline” experience for their events.

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