Arcadier Marketplaces Now Features Multi-Lingual Product Tutorials & Guides

Arcadier is excited to share our latest update: multi-lingual tutorials & guides to help you get started!

With our ever-expanding user base around the world, the need for in-depth walk-throughs of the Arcadier system has become paramount in providing support to our global marketplace users and in a language they are comfortable with.

We are pleased to share with you our first series of multi-lingual tutorials with matching written guides in English, Chinese (中文), French (Français), Japanese (日本語) and Spanish (Español) on how to Get Started as well as an explanation of features on our Administrator and Seller portals. These series of five video tutorials and guides in each language cover the most important features for users to know and utilise while building their marketplaces. Be sure to check them out!

Please do note that our Customer Support correspondence remains only in English.

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Arcadier Marketplace technology enables individuals and organizations to develop their marketplace easily. Learn More.

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