Arcadier partners with Toronto-based Digital Experience Leader, Rangle

Singapore/Toronto, 13th May 2020Arcadier, the world’s fastest-growing marketplace builder technology company is pleased to announce a partnership with Rangle, a global software engineer agency headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in Amsterdam, Atlanta and Tokyo. Rangle is a multi-award winning customer-experience centric digital agency that leverages technology to create meaningful engagement through heightened customer experiences. Rangle has built its reputation as a trusted end-to-end full-service solutions partner with its market-shifting strategy and design-led innovation for organisations across multiple industries including retail, healthcare and financial services.

Rangle’s expertise goes beyond software development, incorporating research and testing, user experience and user interface design, while keeping to an agile development framework to deliver high-quality, customer-centric software experiences. Rangle joins an ecosystem of reputable software development companies who have participated in the Arcadier Expert Partners programme. Together, Arcadier and Rangle will jointly deliver digital innovative technology capabilities to users by offering complete eCommerce and marketplace solutions.

“Rangle is a company that believes in deep partnership and we are truly honoured to have Rangle joining our Expert Partners Programme. The partnership shall integrate Rangle’s experience design and innovation capabilities with Arcadier’s industry-leading technology platform to deliver outstanding marketplace solutions to the market and our clients.” said June Boo, Arcadier’s General Manager, Americas and Head of Group Strategy.

“Through this partnership with Arcadier, we will help enterprises and sellers accelerate their digital success, unlock value, and get to market fast”, said Ashleigh Gray, Vice President Strategic Partnerships, at Rangle. “Rangle is proud to partner with an organization that is constantly pushing boundaries in what they do to support the collaborative economy.”

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About Arcadier

Arcadier is the world’s fastest-growing online marketplace builder and is the recognized global leader of multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace technology with users from more than 170 countries. Founded in 2013 in Singapore by senior PayPal executives, it has offices in 5 countries including Singapore (HQ), Australia, Philippines and most recently the United States and the United Kingdom. Arcadier enables enterprises, SMBs, government agencies and start-ups to deploy and operate their own white-labelled marketplaces efficiently and cost-effectively. Arcadier’s platform supports various eCommerce models including B2B, B2C, P2P, Service and Rental across a variety of industries, such as retail, consumer goods, commodities, wholesale, manufacturing and services. Arcadier’s Arcadier Enterprise offering focuses on enabling large corporations and multi-brand retailers to create complex marketplace experiences for their businesses.

About Rangle is a multi-award winning digital experience consulting agency who has been named Linkedin’s Top 25 startups in Canada in 2018 and subsequently Canada’s top growing companies in 2019 amongst many other notable awards. Rangle offers web and mobile application development services for a range of industries, including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services clients. WIth a foundation as a next-generation JavaScript development firm, Rangle is dedicated to building high-quality, responsive web and mobile applications. Founded in 2013 in Toronto, it has offices in 4 countries worldwide including Canada (HQ), Netherlands, United States, and Japan.

Media Contact

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