Arcadier Ties Up with New Affiliate Partners to Grow its Ecosystem

Singapore, September 2017 — With the aim to create a holistic ecosystem for its users to grow and develop their online marketplace, Arcadier has signed Affiliate Partnership agreements with nine additional startups and agencies: Rand Marketing, Arcis Communications, Exmart, Schnell, Wandersnap, GoAnimate, Asiapay, Shippo, and SMAXpert.

In recent months, Arcadier made headlines with the announcement of its strategic partnership with Omise, the leading provider of secure white-label payment solutions for Southeast Asia. To further cater to its international user base, Arcadier’s new affiliate partners span multiple cities across the globe — Rand Marketing, GoAnimate and Shippo are headquartered in the U.S., while Arcis, ExMart, Asiapay, Schnell Media, SMAXpert and Wandersnap are based throughout Asia.

For marketing and PR needs, Arcadier users can reach out to Singapore-based PR firm Arcis, full-service digital agency Rand, on demand photography marketplace Wandersnap, animated video creation platform Go Animate, Schnell Media which offers photography and content writing services, or social media management and analysis platform provider SMAXpert. San Francisco-based Shippo allows seamless shipping integration, while data collection company ExMart can help with both marketing and logistics.

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Arcadier Kenneth Low says, “I’m excited to see the ecosystem of Affiliate Partners growing and the opportunities it brings for Arcadier users. These newest additions highlight the international needs of our users as the companies themselves are based all around the world from the US, Japan, Thailand, and most offer their services worldwide.”

Besides being listed on Arcadier’s Affiliate Partners page, the new Affiliate Partners are also offering exclusive deals and promotions to Arcadier’s user base. These auxiliary service providers will work together with Arcadier to provide access to resources and services that will help marketplace administrators develop their marketplaces. With their expertise and knowledge, Arcadier Marketplace users will be able to find solutions and services to challenges they face in growing their online marketplace.

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