Enhancements to Arcadier Marketplaces — July 2017

This month, Arcadier Marketplace users are in for a treat! Among the feature enhancements we’ve rolled out, based on popular demand we’ve added a $39 subscription package that’s free of ads and allows you to use custom domain names for your marketplace.

New features this July

(1) Full Merchant Control

You can also start selling on your marketplace with your admin account. Click ‘Start Selling’ to access your own seller dashboard to start uploading listings:

(2) Purchasing of SSL Certification

Need help purchasing an SSL Certificate? You can also buy it through Arcadier. Just drop us a note at hello@arcadier.com.

(3) New $39 Subscription Package

Future Launches

New Guides to Arcadier’s Most Powerful Features:

  • Admin-Merchant Login
    Marketplace administrators can now log in as their own sellers that is on the platform. Here are the details and use cases.

We have many more tutorial videos on our Arcadier Youtube channel and FAQs on HELP Centre. Check them out to learn how to use your marketplace and troubleshoot common problems.

Learn More About Arcadier: arcadier.com

Arcadier Marketplace technology enables individuals and organizations to develop their marketplace easily. Learn More. www.arcadier.com

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