Top 8 eCommerce Marketplace Trends 2018–2021 and Beyond

As we enter the new year, we embrace new changes that will bring our marketplaces to new heights. We’re certain of one thing: the growth of marketplaces is unstoppable. According to Juniper Research, the growth of the marketplace economy led by the sharing economy companies is set to double between 2017 and 2022, growing from US$19 billion to US$40 billion.

Arcadier has identified the key marketplace trends for 2018 to 2021 and beyond and has since been compiled into a free-to-access eBook for your reading pleasure.

The eBook includes eight main trends and one additional trend to watch:

  1. Marketplaces are going hyper-local & hyper-vertical
  2. Best of both worlds — Online & offline marketplace models
  3. Disruption of traditional middleman businesses
  4. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning will improve trust
  5. Marketplaces as a utility
  6. More business services around marketplaces will emerge
  7. New peer-to-peer marketplace models will disrupt “agency-based” marketplace models
  8. B2B marketplaces will dominate
  9. One to watch — The use of blockchain for marketplaces

For entrepreneurs, sharing economy organizations and those invested in the future of eCommerce marketplaces, these trends are not to be missed.

Download free PDF eBook here. No registration required.

Happy reading!

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